Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly are Kate and Kate?

Kate Tym and Kate Dyer are former East Sussex Marriage Registrars who have now gone freelance as celebrants. They have over twelve years’ experience of conducting weddings and are professional, enthusiastic and fun! 

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is an alternative to a marriage registrar or a vicar or other faith leader. We can conduct any ceremony you like, anywhere you like and at any time. We do not do the legal bits - those are arranged separately. (See below)

If it’s not a licensed premises... how will my marriage be legal?

Yes. Because you’ll just pop to the Register Office to get your legal paperwork done before having your super-dooper ceremony with us. 

How much is the legal bit?

Currently it only costs £46 per couple for the Statutory Declaration plus £70 to give notice - bargain! 

How do I do the legal bit?

The least expensive way is to do something called a Statutory Declaration. This is the two of you and two witnesses in an office (not a ceremony room) saying your vows and signing the register. Job done. This is £46 plus £70 to give Notice to Marry. 

You may also choose the more expensive option of a ceremony in one of the Registration Service's ceremony rooms.

You can go to any regional Registration Service to do your statutory declaration. So, if you are marrying in Sussex but live in London, you can do the legal bit there if you like. Each County is legally obliged to offer this service in one of its offices so, for example, in East Sussex it is only the Crowborough office that offers this service. Locally you can also go to Brighton or, in Kent to Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone or Ramsgate. 

For Kent 03000 41 51 51  Kent are more flexible with where they offer this service and on what days

For Brighton 01273 292 016  Wednesday mornings only

For Crowborough 0345 60 80 198 select option 1 then option 1 again. They offer the Statutory Declaration service every other Tuesday morning.

Just think of it as doing the paperwork and then it's over to us for your big fat celebrant-led wedding!

What is Giving Notice to Marry?

This is the civil equivalent of having your banns read. It’s an appointment with the Registrar to show ID to prove you are who you say you are and, that you are legally free to marry (eg if you’ve been married before you need to show your Decree Absolute). You can give Notice up to a year before your legal ceremony and as little as a month and half before. We recommend giving Notice to Marry about three months before your legal ceremony. You give Notice to Marry at the Register Office that is nearest to where you live.

Where can I have my marriage celebration?

Anywhere you like. Because it’s not a legal ceremony there are no restrictions. So in a marquee, on the beach, up a tree… anything goes!

Can I have religious content?


Can I have music?

Yes, whatever you like you can have – even a sing-a-long and dancing girls!

Can I have readings?


Can I write/say my own vows?


Will my guests know it’s not a 'real' wedding?

It is a real wedding! We're just separating the paperwork from the celebration... go with it, it'll be great!

Will Kate and Kate marry people anywhere in the country?

Kate and Kate are based in Battle and St Leonards. They are happy to travel all over the country given the right circumstances.

Do Kate and Kate both perform the ceremony together?

No, unlike Ant and Dec, you will get one or other of us… FYI Kate Tym is the blonde and Kate Dyer is the reddish head -although her hair colour changes as often as the weather.

How do I book Kate or Kate to conduct my wedding?

Either email us on or give us a ring - Kate T is on 07985295373  and Kate D on 07790128592. It’s helpful if you have a venue and date in mind, but we also have loads of suggestions for fabulous venues from beautiful barns, to village halls to la-di-da country homes! We ask a £250 booking fee to secure the date and get you in the diary, in pen, and then we’ll get in touch in plenty of time to plan and prepare your ceremony. (£100 is non-refundable, £150 is refundable up to 6 months before the ceremony date and non-refundable thereafter.)

Can we meet up with you before we book you?

Yes, we're often out and about at wedding fayres and are very happy to chat with you there. Why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out where we'll be next!

We got married abroad… can we re-do our wedding ceremony for our friends at home?

Yes, you can. As you’ve already done the legal bit abroad, you can do whatever kind of ceremony you like back in Blighty!