About Kate & Kate

Kate and Kate are Best Mates!

We share the same values in life, are both perfectionists, professional, hard-working and laugh... a lot! We've built a business together, had a lot of fun and shed a few tears along the way (mainly Kate T, she does like a blub!). We're often compared to Ant and Dec, and people ask us if we're married. Yes, we are... but not to each other!

Although we are basically joined at the hip, you only get one of us on your special day, but don't worry, we will have talked over every detail with the other Kate at some point or another.

Other things we talk about are, in no particular order: our tummies, food, our husbands, food, our kids, food, books we have read, food we have eaten, TV (we don't share the same taste - Kate D watches trash telly!), death (it is what we do), life, love, aging (Kate D likes to point out that she's got a few years still in the bank compared to Kate T), food and everything in between.

We've married more people than you can shake a stick at and given each one the full Kate and Kate one thousand per-cent - check out the reviews, people really do rate Kate and Kate.

So, make a date with Kate and Kate and let us make your day FABULOUS!


Kate and Kate were runners up for the National Celebrant Awards in 2018 and won Celebrant of the Year at the National Good Funeral Awards in 2019.

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