Happy New Year from Kate and Kate!

Friday 12th of January 2018
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What a day! We've had meetings and schmeetings. We've been to the Hospice for a chat about changing the culture around death - YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!! Then we met a lovely chap who works for a company that presses ashes into vinyl ( www.andvinyly.co.uk ) - we can't believe what a fantastic idea that is. Kate D has her tunes all planned out, Kate T keeps changing her mind - honestly, she'd be rubbish on Desert Island Discs. Then we met a lovely new florist who's just setting up locally: www.warriorflowers.co.uk, so we did a bit of a card swap and recommended some wedding fayres. And now, we're off to the town centre to do a bit of filming with our lovely friends at Whalebone Films www.whalebonefilms.co.uk who are making a documentary about Coffin Club. Those of you not in the know may not be aware, but Kate and Kate have launched the UK's first Coffin Club. It runs at a local venue, St Mary in the Castle ( www.stmaryinthecastle.co.uk ), and is a safe place to talk about death, plan your perfect send off and, if you like, decorate your coffin. We know!! We've just been in the Hastings Observer ( www.hastingsobserver.co.uk ) who think Coffin Club is where it's at, and we have to say, we couldn't agree more. We've also had a top-secret phone-call from someone else about something else that is sooooo exciting we're nearly passing out, but we're not allowed to say what it is.... YET!! We've got a wedding fayre on Sunday (14th Jan) at Bannatynes Hotel, Hastings, and another one on 28th at Gildredge Manor, Eastbourne, which we're super excited about - mainly because we've bought a whole load of new gear: a tablecloth, a vase, picture frames and we've even gone a got a great big banner with our visogs splashed all over it - beautiful. Can't wait to meet all the lovely brides and brides, brides and grooms and grooms and grooms that have popped the question over the festive season. We've also gone and got this new swanky website which we LOVE - thanks to the lovely guys at www.mjsmedia.co.uk , they've been very patient with us. What an epic start to the New Year!