Get wedding-ready with your new year resolutions!

Wednesday 5th of January 2022
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Ignore the title - here at Kate and Kate Towers we don't really believe in New Year's resolutions! Don't set yourself up to fail with some guilt-inducing quick fixes. Find a way to build self-care into your everyday life. 

The evidence from neuroscience and psychology is clear; there are a range of activities every human should do every day to maintain resilience, productivity and to be the best version of ourselves. These are called the twelve rocks of wellbeing and they form the foundation of maintaining a fabulous healthy lifestyle for mind and body.

If we don’t incorporate these twelve rocks into daily life, we suffer in terms of well-being, resilience and engagement in our lives. We want every one of us to be living our best lives! We are all amazing and we deserve to treat ourselves with kindness, compassion whilst fulling engaging with life.

If you fancy starting the new year with a souped-up feel-good factor have a go at incorporating the twelve rocks of well-being into your life and we swear it'll do you the power of good!

The twelve rocks are

  • Rock 1 – Good sleep - we all know the zzzs are super-important
  • Rock 2 – Exercise - move because you love it! Don't inflict an exercise regime on yourself - find a way of moving that you really love and it will be a joy to have it in your life.
  • Rock 3 – Eating the right food and drinking the right amount of water - listen to your body - Kate T loves a bit of intuitive eating! Try our recommended read The Fuck It Diet
  • Rock 4 – Mindfulness - Get your Zen in gear. We highly recommend the Headspace App if you're a meditation novice
  • Rock 5 – Mind-wandering - this is the flip-side of Rock 4. Again Headspace can help you with this!
  • Rock 6 – Being aware, accepting & sharing emotions - notice how you feel, accept those feelings and share them.
  • Rock 7 – Walking outside in nature - doggy not compulsory!
  • Rock 8 – Listening to music - music literally lights up every bit of your brain. Different tunes can evoke different emotions. Really engage with music once every day - it's like superfood for the soul.
  • Rock 9 – Connecting meaningfully with family & friends - humans need people, people!
  • Rock 10 – Gratitude and Kindness - finding stuff to be grateful for every day is so good for us and being kind to others and ourselves is one of the most important things we can do.
  • Rock 11 – Engaging with your life’s purpose - stop doom scrolling... get shit done!
  • Rock 12 – Learning, playing, creating - remember what it was like to be a kid, to learn something knew, have fun just playing or making things? Bring a bit of that back into your life, it's worth it's weight in gold.

Happy New Year everyone - here's to a happy, healthy and hilarious 2022!