Baby Namings

You've had a baby!

Welcome to the world of sleepless nights, projectile vomit and a compromised relationship with your pelvic floor!

But, it's not all bad because you can have a gorgeously bespoke ceremony to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world and, whilst everyone's cooing over junior, you can hit the champers, big style!

A naming ceremony gives you the opportunity to gather your friends and family together and declare publicly your love and commitment to your child and your hopes and aspirations for their future. And if you want some significant adults to play a part – we can pop in a couple of ‘sparents’ for good measure!

If you're blended, amended, adopted or boringly biological, we'll help you create a ceremony that's just perfect for you.

We have tons of experience in organising and orchestrating baby naming ceremonies - from back garden bonanzas to genteel afternoons at the village hall, we've seen them all and made sure they run like clock-work.

So between feeding, burping and changing, get on the blower and make a date with Kate and Kate (we've got six kids!)

So go on, make a date with Kate and Kate

You know you want to!

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