As celebrants, it is our job to give your loved-one the ceremony they deserve – we are passionate about providing a send-off that reflects the person they were. From a music-and-poetry-filled celebration of life, to a quieter goodbye, we’ll create a ceremony that is truly unique and reflects the person they were. We’ll get together with you, get the tissues out, and take the time to chat about what made them who they were - the things they loved, why you loved them and even what drove you mad! And, together, we can create a service that they’d have been truly proud of. We like to think, if they were standing at the back of the room, during their funeral, afterwards they'd say, 'Well, that was bloody great!'. Feel free to come to us directly, or ask your funeral director to book Kate or Kate to conduct your ceremony.

If you would like a memorial service for a person who died some time ago, or more recently, but you were unable to have a funeral service, please feel free to get in touch.

Kate and Kate are both fully trained by The Fellowship of Independent Celebrants and are members of The Good Funeral Guild.

Don't leave it till you're dead... plan ahead!

We can pre-plan, prepare and cost your funeral at any venue you choose.

Kate and Kate are in the priviledged position of working with people at a really difficult time in their lives, when they've just lost someone they love. Often, the decisions they have to make are really hard for them, because they feel they don't know what their loved one would have wanted. What kind of coffin? What venue? What music? Buried or cremated? Fire eaters or dancing girls?

We, the living, are in the lucky position of being able to plan ahead. We are all going to die, and yet, we often give no thought to the type of end-of-life celebration we would like. Kate and Kate wish to change all that and put funeral planning on the map. From camper-van hearses to cabaret-style send-offs why not have a celebration of life that really represents you. Think outside the box and make a date with Kate and Kate!

"To dear Kate, There aren't enough words to tell you how grateful we are for our Dad's service. Thank you so much for your kindness, support, understanding and expertise. You made the saddest day of our lives a celebration of Dad's life, that made it so much easier to bear. With much love, P, A and G"